Waffle Stop
Come to visit us and you will fall in love with our fresh baked Waffles and delicious Toppings.
We come to major Farmers Markets and events in Central and Southern Alberta.   
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   Treat yourself and friends when you see the. . .      
         Waffle Girl !
Homemade doughs
We have traditional european recipes, offering a variety of unique doughs.
The Waffle Girl keeps them as a secret!
She will never share with a franchise.  
.. we bake fresh for you 
Come and find your favorite Waffle. We bake it fresh and prepare it for you. Discover the irresistible taste that comes with dedication and passion.
..delicious toppings
Have one of the special Waffle Stop fresh fruit toppings with a seasonal variety of yummy fruit ! !

You deserve better than the processed stuff, with ingredients no one can even
pronounce let alone understand . 

Get our typical big-smile-portion of real  whipped cream. Try to get your head around how the Waffle Girl makes it
sooo good ! 

Where can you find us ?

We serve you from our waffle kitchen on wheels, calling Cochrane, Rocky Mountain House and Calgary-NW
our home turf. From June to Septmber you can find us at the Cochrane Farmers Market , at the Market
on Main in Rocky Mountain House and at a new location in Calgary (tba Apr. 2019). We also love to come
to sport events (Soccer, Baseball) and other major events (Canada Day, National Historic Site Rocky) and serve at private events like weddings, anniversaries or birthday parties.
Please follow us or connect with us using our facebook page (see below) or the contact form below. 
Our mission :

>>> Forget anything called "Waffle" that you have ever tasted before< <<

Offer a specialty that is unique and of such a quality, that you cannot find it elsewhere.

It is our pleasure and motivation to see you with one of our Waffles and a huge smile !

We are happy to serve many loyal customers coming back every time we are there for them. 

Our Waffles are without preservatives, artificial colours- or flavors and contain high quality ingredients. 


     Enjoy a fresh baked Waffles from a  ​​
recipe that has been passed on
       from generation to generation
 but will not appear in a baking guide ;-)
 Our Waffles and homemade toppings
 taste sooo delicious, they will make you
 part of the Waffle-Stop loving community.
  Our Waffles can make you addicted
. . . shall we apologize? 
Already the first bite tells you that this is a sweet 
spell taking you to your cloud in Waffle heaven.

Have it with the topping combination of your choice.  

          Savory Waffles with great taste, rich in protein. Add our special Sauce.     
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Waffle Stop     Cochrane/Rocky Mountain House
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !